Saturday, January 16, 2010

===Texas Panhandle and Dry Skin Ideas===

Having dry skin with the Texas Panhandle winter is not uncommon. I had it but couldn't figure out how to treat it. When I say how to treat it, I covered myself daily with lotion.

Where I went wrong is the misconception about oily skin (Which is what I have) and climate changes. I went to the dermatoligist, no help actually, but I did get a great retanol prescription for youger looking skin and spot treating acne.

So, here is what I learned one dry season at a time

1. Bath time, keep exfoliating to a minimum. I still always get the feet because I'm on mine a lot and hate sand paper... yuck!

2. Do not take a HOT HOT bath.  This only irates dry skin by drying it out even more...

3. Do not use harsh soap, phisoderm is perfect if what you use is making your skin dry. This is what I started from my kids first dermo visit years ago.
Save the soap for the cracks! BTW, I stole this comment from the doctor, which was not the dermo dr...

4. Even if you have oily skin, you should moisturize or you may need to change your moisturizer in the winter.

5. After bath oil, here is the biggest mistake I made. Drench yourself in body oil after your bath and blot dry your skin... Does this contradict what you know about oily skin?

Believe me body oils do not make your skin greasy and gross. They are very good for skin and this time of year our skin is very thirsty.

Besides, we all know where the bath store in the mall is located and they have a scent for everyone. For some of you overachievers I know you will make your own.  I simply use baby oil aloe and save scent for perfumes, deoderant and fabric softner. Oh yes, I said it. If it didn't smell so good it wouldn't sell so good.... Clean linen!

6. Also, make sure you wear those pretty yellow gloves when you clean your bathtub. It is going to need cleaning around every three days because your skin is going to be so soft and soaked in winter goodness.
You do not want your hands in those harsh cleaners.
MEMO: If you have a house keeper your rotten and I'm jealous.

Now, for those of you who didn't know this, Your Welcome. For those of you who are thinking, I cant believe she didn't know this. Your Not Welcome, for not telling me.